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Many business owners have the idea that their website is like the ball field in the movie “Field of Dreams”.  Unfortunately, “build it and they will come” doesn’t apply when it comes to your website.   Without some search engine optimization (SEO), your website is like the proverbial needle in a haystack.   There are over 1 billion websites connected to the internet and being found in that crowd can be a challenge.   Fortunately, there are certain factors that can help your website rise in the search results.  The study and application of those factors is what SEO is all about and here are the three most important things you need to know about SEO services.

#1 – SEO TAKES TIME   Because of the nature of search engine indexing routines, it takes time to see results.  Changes are made and then you wait to see the result.  Results can change overnight so the process continues even after you achieve the desired results.

#2 – SEO IS AN INVESTMENT  Because of the time involved in SEO, it may seem expensive at first.  SEO must be viewed as an investment with gains coming as results are achieved.

#3 – NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE RESULTS   Beware of the guarantee when it comes to SEO.  If anyone could guarantee a top placement on Google, they would be doing SEO service.  The algorithms that determine search results are complex and change frequently.  We can however guarantee improvement.



Search Engine Optimization

JD Web Development has been managing our American Veterans (AMVETS) website since 2010. They recently upgraded our website to a CMS management which provides it a fresh, crisp look and makes updates a breeze. The AMVETS Post 72 Military Veterans, our Women’s Auxiliary and our Sons of AMVETS organizations all appreciate the work you do to keep our website safe, secure and up to date. Thanks for what you do for the American Military Veterans.

Terry Lavis

Member, AMVETS Post 72

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