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A Proactive Approach is Always Best

We know the important role your website plays in the success of your business.  Keeping your website up and running efficiently is something that takes a proactive approach.  Updating software and checking security is a time consuming task and many small businesses don’t have the budget for a full time IT person.  JD Website Development has several plans available to help you with the task of proactive website maintenance and monitoring.

*These plans are intended for websites that we have built.  To discuss options for sites that we did not build, please contact us.


Search Engine Optimization

JD Web Development has been managing our American Veterans (AMVETS) website since 2010. They recently upgraded our website to a CMS management which provides it a fresh, crisp look and makes updates a breeze. The AMVETS Post 72 Military Veterans, our Women’s Auxiliary and our Sons of AMVETS organizations all appreciate the work you do to keep our website safe, secure and up to date. Thanks for what you do for the American Military Veterans.

Terry Lavis

Member, AMVETS Post 72

Each Maintenance Package Includes:

  • WordPress Maintenance and Updates
    • We’ll update your WordPress version and plugins during low traffic hours. We also back-up your site during updates in case something should go wrong. That way we can instantly restore you website.
  • Automated Site Backups
    • Your site will be backed up to Amazon S3 three times each week (M-W-F) to protect you from data loss.
  • Security Checks
    • New website security vulnerabilities surface daily. We will check your site each day for potential security issues and contact you if an issue arises.
  • Link Checking & Form Testing
    • We check your site every month for any broken links or broken forms.
  • Analytics Reporting
    • You’ll receive a detailed report each month to help you understand your website traffic. Number of visits, search words used, referring sites are all included. We can even include some details on your competitors.
  • Downtime Monitoring
    • We know the importance of keeping your site up and running. We will continuously monitor your website for any downtime and notify you when downtime occurs.

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